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Manage your on-site inventory with real-time, scan-and-understand tools


Does It:      

Missing inventory is never a reason for a hold up and tighter material controls reduce shrinkage, increase accountability and better assign costs


Hold Success in the Palm of Your Hand

OASIS Insight, our proprietary inventory management software, gives you unmatched control and understanding of your materials use.  OASIS Insight tracks items taken out of inventory with a handheld scanner.  Every transaction is tracked, so you know what you have, where it is, how much is left and when to reorder.  You can also send that information to Gexpro to automatically replenish inventory to predetermined levels at each storeroom location.


Use Inventory Management as a Competitive Advantage

When using OASIS Insight, you always have just the right products you need when and where you need them.  You can lower purchasing and stock costs by reducing overages and obsolescence, slash cycle time, reduce the number of purchase orders and invoices to manage, decrease inventory levels, and strengthen inventory control and visibility.


OASIS Insight is powered by eTurns. eTurns/4 is cloud-based inventory-management software, co-branded by eTurns for Gexpro, that provides organizations with real-time visibility into remote storeroom inventories and automates replenishment. The software also provides visibility into usage of items, is able to optimize the inventory, and improves efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership

Additional Information:

OASIS Insight Sell Sheet (pdf)

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