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Your one-stop for products, expertise, advice and opportunity


Does It:

America is going solar – we can show you how to install more of it more profitably


Solar Costs Can Compete with the Grid

Advances in photovoltaic technology for modules and inverters are shining a new light on solar as a viable, cost-effective power alternative.  With application and engineering support and a full line of products, Gexpro can help add sun power to your roster of operating advantages.


What’s New & Better

The solar product landscape is always changing.  New products eclipse old and more reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions become the new standard.  Gexpro’s solar specialists are on the leading edge of what’s new and what works best.  We can recommend the right product mix from thousands of choices and hundreds of manufacturers.  You get the right solution because our only allegiance is to you.


Balance of System

With the rapid reduction in PV materials costs, labor costs have become a significant factor in system installation.  Our solar experts understand the interaction of all Balance of System (BOS) items – including grounding, cable management, combiner boxes and the rest.  So you can see time and cost advantages on every job.  With our experience, we can offer installers multiple material options that drive down the final installed cost, while streamlining staging and implementation.


Off-Grid Solutions

Off-grid solar is now a practical solution for many remote and communications applications – especially with the growth of LED lighting. We’ve partnered with the leading off-grid product manufacturers to develop multiple systems that deliver application-specific energy almost anywhere. From a mission-critical off grid system for gas well monitoring to remote billboards and security cameras, we deliver complete turnkey solutions, components and engineering services.


Engineering Services

Gexpro’s solar engineering team is your resource for complete system design and documentation for residential, commercial and off-grid PV systems.  Our network of electrical engineers also reviews and seals drawings in many key solar states.  So you have an added edge to pitch and win more business.

Welcome to Gexpro - Your Electrical Supplier for the Construction & Industrial Markets