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Gexpro can handle everything – from planning to incentives to performance metrics


Does It:

You can completely change and upgrade any space with new lighting – get more pleasing conditions with less energy


Lighting Improvements Save Energy and Improve Working Conditions

Over-lighted industrial locations are notorious energy wasters – so it’s no wonder lighting accounts for up to 40 percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings.  We’re changing that by lowering lighting energy use while improving lighting effectiveness and aesthetics – you get more light from every watt.


Lighting is More than Lights

It’s not just about lamps, fixtures or turning out the lights when nobody’s around.  Your most effective lighting solution is a complete strategy that aligns the latest technologies with your unique spaces.  Whether you’re lighting a factory, office space or a 100,000-seat stadium, we can show you a better way.  From defining your needs to refining your look, we can help you see the light.


A Smarter Approach

Gexpro uses leading-edge technology to analyze and update lighting requirements and track use.  So you can instantly rearrange lighting layouts and adapt to changes without costly physical rewiring.  Our rich reporting can analyze an entire building or focus all the way down to an individual fixture.  So you can identify lighting-related inefficiencies or operational anomalies anywhere in a facility.  It’s the peace of mind of always knowing how the system is working.

Welcome to Gexpro - Your Electrical Supplier for the Construction & Industrial Markets