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Simple solutions to even the most complex problems.  That’s what you get with Gexpro.


There are thousands of Gexpro professionals working every day to make your job easier, improve your performance and give you the extra advantage that makes your business excel.


GPS – Gexpro Performance Solutions – Faster, Better, Lower Total Cost

GPS innovations make your people more productive, improve accuracy, reduce waste and help you react to the unexpected.


Construction Collaboration

We don’t just deliver supplies.  We help mastermind your electrical construction projects, so high-priced skilled labor gets in and out faster, and what you need is where you need it, precisely when you need it there.


Business Expertise

Every market has its individual makeup and requirements. And every market has unique ways to control costs, improve performance and manage energy.  Gexpro’s target market expertise helps boost profitability by leveraging the specific opportunities in your market.


Energy Leadership

It’s not about electricity any more.  It’s energy.  As your objective guide to what’s new, what works and what doesn’t, Gexpro helps you make better energy decisions, install the right technologies and turn energy into an operating advantage.


Determined to Find Better Ways to Effective Simplification

Building simple solutions can be difficult.  But you’ll never know firsthand because your Gexpro team is focused and empowered to keep making your job easier and your company more profitable.  That’s what makes us different.




Welcome to Gexpro - Your Electrical Supplier for the Construction & Industrial Markets