Internal Elbow, 90°, For 2300 Series Raceway, Non-Metallic, White

Item #: 8639
Cat #: 2317-WH
UPC: 786776523454
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Internal Elbow - 90°, For 2300 Series Two-Piece Raceway, For Inside Surfaces at Right Angles, Non-Metallic, White
400, 800, 2300 and 2300BACD Series™ Raceway, are a family of low-profile raceways that are designed for communication or power applications. 400, 800 and 2300 Raceway offer a single channel for either communication or power. And when power and low voltage services are both needed in a single raceway, the divided 2300BACD Raceway with it’s low-profile design, is an easy-to-install option. 400,800,2300 and 2300BACD Raceways are an ideal solution for use in classrooms, offices, hospitality applications, or anywhere a small, secure, low profile raceway is needed.
Also known as: 786776523454, 2317-WH


Color: White
Angle: 90°
Color: White
Angle: 90°

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