3/8" Ball Bearing Draw Stud

Item #: 728387
Cat #: 49-16-2621
UPC: 045242311750
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3/8" Ball Bearing Draw Stud


3/8" Ball Bearing Draw Stud
The EXACT™ hand ratchet knockout set is yet another key component of the Milwaukee knockout system that provides value to the contractor. 20% longer than the competition, the hand ratchet delivers greater leverage for punching the tougher holes. It also ratchets at a smaller 5°, allowing the contractor to punch in tighter clearances. The hand ratchet also has a rugged overmold handle for greater comfort and grip. Plus, it is packaged with EXACT™ punches and dies possessing innovative features such as engraved cross hairs, slug removal ports, and optimal tooth geometry, all working to enhance the knockout process. Altogether, the EXACT™ hand ratchet knockout set is another example of how Milwaukee's knockout system truly is the easiest way to punch!
Also known as: 045242311750, 49-16-2621


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