GF & Insulation Monitor

Item #: 703597
Cat #: PGR-3200
UPC: 079458177305
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Industrial Relays GF & Insulation Monitor


Industrial Relays GF & Insulation Monitor
Operates on AC ungrounded systems. The PGR-3200 detects ground faults by continuously monitoring the insulation integrity of ungrounded electrical systems. The relay monitors the insulation for damage and assists with predictive maintenance and troubleshooting of developing ground faults by providing two warning and an alarm level. The PGR-3200 operates on one- or three-phase ungrounded systems up to 6 kV. The PGR-3200 can also be used on a grounded system to monitor the insulation for damage, while the power system is de-energized. The mode-of-operation terminals (27-28) are connected to the circuit breaker or contactor auxiliary contacts to toggle the relay off when the contactor or breaker is closed.
Also known as: 079458177305, PGR-3200


Type: Protection Relay
Type: Protection Relay

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