Outdoor Case, 3R Plastic, Gray

Item #: 544701
Cat #: E200
UPC: 614573082310
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Outdoor Case, Type 3R Plastic, Color: Gray


Outdoor Case, Type 3R Plastic, Color: Gray
The Grässlin E200 and E300 are outdoor rated plastic enclosures which provide mounting for any Grässlin Electromechanical and Electronic Time Switches. These enclosures are also well-suited for use with pool controls, relays, contactors, and other control or electrical mechanisms. The E200 and E300 are Type 3R "Rainproof" rated for outdoor and wet or dusty locations. Bosses are provided for mounting of a DIN rail. Additional bosses provide a means of mounting a printed circuit board assembly. Provision for interior cover panel is also provided.
Also known as: 614573082310, E200


Color: Gray
Material: Plastic
Color: Gray
Material: Plastic

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