2C/20 SH + 1C/20 UNSH AUDIO

Item #: 542081
Cat #: C1333A.21.10
UPC: 079407052899
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Special Audio, Communication & Instrumentation, UL 2095, 2093


Special Audio, Communication & Instrumentation, UL 2095, 2093
General Cable offers a variety of Gepco® and Carol® Brand wire and cable for audio/video and direct burial applications. From field production cable to microphone, snake, guitar and speaker cable, General Cable supports the increasingly demanding entertainment industry. For extreme hard service, General Cable’s rubber microphone cables offer the ultimate in performance and service life. The rubber designs are highly flexible and designed to lie flat on studio floors, as well as provide high impact and abrasion resistance. For outdoor and cold weather applications, microphone cable jacketed with Carolprene® provides the ultimate protection against ozone, oil and ultraviolet radiation. These technically sophisticated cables are required to contain sources of interference and to protect against difficulties where they are unavoidable. In addition to providing the needed electrical characteristics, the cables are properly designed to handle demanding conditions, such as microphone hum, handling noise, crosstalk, electrostatic hum, SCR noise and common ground noise —either on stage, in a studio or at a remote venue. For more information on these cables or for other special applications, please contact your General Cable sales representative.
Also known as: 079407052899, C1333A.21.10


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