Flexible Steel Conduit, 3/4", 100' Coil

Item #: 48249
Cat #: STL075RW100CL
UPC: 980050021036
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3/4" Diameter, Reduced Wall Steel Conduit, Metallic, Hot Dipped Zinc Galvanized Low Carbon Steel, 100 feet Coil.
Flexible conduits are used to connect to motors or other devices where isolation from vibration is useful, or where an excessive number of fittings would be needed to use rigid connections. Electrical codes may restrict the length of a run of some types of flexible conduit.
Also known as: 980050021036, STL075RW100CL


Diameter: 3/4 in
Length: 100 ft
Material: Steel
Diameter: 3/4 in
Material: Steel
Length: 100 ft

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