HHT 495035 RG-6

Item #: 406139
Cat #: 495035.41.86
UPC: 079407174447
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GEN 495035.41.86 HHT 495035 RG-6


GEN 495035.41.86 HHT 495035 RG-6
To meet the needs of today’s sophisticated, high-speed, wide bandwidth electronics over long distances, with minimum signal loss or degradation, General Cable Carol® Brand offers a wide range of coaxial and twinaxial designs in both unbalanced arrays and precision-balanced pairs. This offers the system designer a wide choice of cost-effective products that reflect the most recent changes in the standards set by UL, CSA and/or the FCC. Included in this section are recommended Carol Brand coaxial products for the CATV market. However, these constructions may differ in certain parts of the country. Unlike other products in the electronic market, coaxial cable does not have one accepted standard construction. General Cable recommends, in order to avoid installing an unacceptable coaxial cable for the CATV application in your area, the local CATV company should be consulted.General Cable’s Carol Brand product mix encompasses standard RG/U-type coaxial constructions in the more popular 50, 75 and 93 ohm designs and miniature coaxial products for smaller high-speed applications.The twinaxial products meet or exceed the stringent demands of today’s precision-balanced pair systems. The minimization of capacitance unbalance is a necessary requirement for long distance data transmission.
Also known as: 079407174447, 495035.41.86


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