Fuse, Amp-Trap®, 600VAC, 300VDC, 400A, Fast-Acting, Class T, A6T Series  

Item #: 255035
Cat #: A6T400
UPC: 782001891534
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Fuse, Amp-Trap®, 600 Volt AC, 300 Volt DC, 400 Amp, Fast-Acting, Class T, A6T Series  
Fast-acting A6T Class T fuses combine two highly desirable features - high current-limitation and a small physical size. Their unique dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with lower voltage ratings or current-limiting capability. These fuses have glass melamine bodies for superior dimensional stability and catalog numbers stamped into the blades for permanent identification
Also known as: 782001891534, A6T400


Interrupt Rating DC: 200
Interrupt Rating DC: 200

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