Multipurpose Dura-Towel

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Cat #: MDT
UPC: 781002858300
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Multipurpose Dura-Towel, White, 9" x 11", 100 Pack


Multipurpose Dura-Towel, White, 9" x 11", 100 Pack
Dottie's Dura-Towel is a heavy-duty, reusable, and disposable towel used to clean up oil, dirt, grime, grease, and other substances on a wide variety of surfaces. They are manufactured from Hydro-Entangled Fibers (HEF) that blend natural and synthetic fibers for a tear-resistant, durable, and soft cloth-like feel. These low lint towels are inter-folded in a convenient pop-up box that provides portability and protection from contamination. Dura-Towels have superior absorption power and are commonly used with industrial solvents.
Also known as: 781002858300, MDT, Pro-Towel Complete, Pro towel Complete


Color: White
Color: White

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