Relay Sockets & Hardware Shock Block Mount

Item #: 1727917
Cat #: AC6000-MNT-00
UPC: 07945881259
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Relay Sockets & Hardware Shock Block Mount


Relay Sockets & Hardware Shock Block Mount
The Industrial Shock-Block Cart and Mounting Frame have been designed to offer you flexibility and mobility. The cart allows the Industrial Shock-Block to be moved when not powered. You may also store up to 50lbs of cable around the mounting frame. The Mounting Frame is offered separately so you can mount it to the wall or to the cart, allowing you to take it wherever it is needed. Cart and Frame Features: Mobility; Light Weight Aluminum Frame; Durable Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat; Maintenance-Free Wheels; Easy 30 Minute Assembly; Wall Mountable Frame.
Also known as: 07945881259, AC6000-MNT-00


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