Load Sensor/Self-Powered /-15

Item #: 1638667
Cat #: LSR-0
UPC: 079458996654
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Industrial Relays Load Sensor/Self-Powered /-15


Industrial Relays Load Sensor/Self-Powered /-15
The LSR-0 is a self-powered load sensor intended for use as a proof relay. It is used to verify that current is flowing as intended. It has a guaranteed 15A pull-in current and 2.5A drop-out current. Proof relays are typically used to interlock fans, compressors, motors, heating elements and other devices. The LSR-0 is self-powered, that is, it draws its power from the wire being monitored so it does not require separate control power wiring.
Also known as: 079458996654, LSR-0


Standards: California Proposition 65
Standards: California Proposition 65

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