ICT .750KVA 208 230 460 -115 *** Discontinued ***

Item #: 1555224
Cat #: TB750B005C
UPC: 047503003862
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ICT .750KVA 208 230 460 -115 *** Discontinued ***


ICT .750KVA 208 230 460 -115 *** Discontinued ***
Acme’s TB Series Industrial Control Transformers are especially designed to accommodate the momentary current inrush caused when electromagnetic components are energized... without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits. The transformer’s windings and internal terminations are sealed within an epoxy encapsulant encased in a durable thermoplastic end cap, protecting them from potentially damaging moisture, dirt and other ambient contaminants. Acme’s TB Series transformers are dry-type, step-down transformers with the secondary control circuit isolated from the primary line circuit to assure maximum safety.
Also known as: 047503003862, TB750B005C


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