Deadbreak Connector

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Deadbreak Connector, T-Body With Test Point


Deadbreak Connector, T-Body With Test Point
Eaton terminates high-voltage underground cable to transformers, switches, switchgear and other apparatus with its Cooper Power series 600 A, 15 kV Class T-OP II deadbreak connector. It is fully shielded, submersible and meets the requirements of IEEE Std 386-2006 standard – “Separable Insulated Connector Systems”. The 200 A three-phase rated loadbreak interface provides a means for obtaining a live test, visible ground and visible break using a hotstick. It also provides a convenient location for Eaton's Cooper Power series M.O.V.E. arrester or grounding elbow. Eaton offers an optional capacitive test point similar to test points on its Cooper Power series 200 A elbow connectors. This allows use of Eaton's Cooper Power series STLO, STHI, and STVT faulted circuit indicators. T-OP II connectors are designed for use on solid dielectric cable (XLPE or EPR) with extruded semiconducting shields and concentric neutral, with or without a jacket. Installation on jacketed concentric neutral cable may require additional sealing material. Adapters are available for terminating tape shield and drain wire jacketed cable.
Also known as: DT625T


Color: Black
Color: Black

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