MILW 49-16-2674 3" DIE

Item #: 1202470
Cat #: 49-16-2674
UPC: 045242311699
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49-16-2674 3" DIE


49-16-2674 3" DIE
EXACT™ punches and dies have innovative features which bring value for the contractor. Heavy duty, they can punch holes in both mild and stainless steel material. Engraved cross hairs on the dies deliver clearest alignment with pre-drawn cross hairs. Both the tooth geometry of the punches, and slug removal ports on the dies, provide optimal slug removal. Large size ID markings on both the punches and dies permit easy punch and die selection. EXACT™ punches and dies do not require spacers. Finally, notches on the punches allow for better grip during punch threading and de-threading. Altogether, EXACT™ punches and dies make the knockout process easier!
Also known as: 045242311699, 49-16-2674


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