LVS Controls

LVS has a rich legacy spanning nearly fifty years. Originally started as an electrical contracting firm specializing in complex security and fire alarm systems. In 1971, recognizing the lack of quality ultrasonic and infrared motion detection equipment, we began manufacturing security equipment under the name UNISEC ( ). For over twenty years, UNISEC equipment was sold throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, protecting high-profile locations such as the Strategic Air Command, Independence Hall, and Tower of London. We subsequently founded UNENCO to apply this technology to energy conservation, and quickly became a frontrunner in the industry. UNENCO is best known for the patent on the no-neutral wall switch occupancy sensor, an innovation that is still used today. UNENCO was later acquired by a conglomerate and in 1991, we founded LVS and began manufacturing specialty low voltage switching controls and occupancy sensors. Building on our decades of experience, LVS has developed a complete line of UL924 listed emergency lighting controls and secured several unique patents related to emergency lighting and automatic testing. Some of our most popular products include emergency lighting inverters and innovative load shedding controls. Thanks to the support of our customers, LVS has grown to be the leader in this field and continues to expand and improve our product line. I am proud to say that, almost fifty years later, LVS still champions the same principles that guided our entry into manufacturing. All LVS equipment is designed and tested for field performance with an industry leading warranty. All LVS equipment is burned in and cycled prior to shipment. All LVS customers receive immediate, personal support and service.