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Materials Are Costing You More than They Should

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thinking saves money and improves performance


The price you pay for electrical products is only a fraction of the true materials cost you incur. Gexpro’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) culture takes a holistic approach to understanding, managing and controlling real material costs, so you can be more profitable every day. We help you lower your Total Cost of Ownership by rethinking material handling, increasing productivity, offloading unskilled tasks and streamlining inventory management and purchasing.


The True Cost of Materials

What you pay for electrical materials amounts to just 20% of those materials’ Total Cost of Ownership. The other 80% are real costs that affect your productivity and profitability. Many companies look at the 80% premium as simply a cost of doing business. Gexpro looks at it as an opportunity to improve results.



TCO opportunities occur throughout your operation, including:

• Procurement

• Tech/Engineering Support

• Audit

• Receiving

• QC-Inspection

• Warehousing

• Handling

• Kitting

• Parts Preparation

• Assembly

• Staging

• Mismatched Labor


Why Lower TCO?

It’s simple math. Cutting the price in an area that is only 20% of your total cost is not as effective as cutting the price of the 80% piece of the pie. Lowering TCO has a greater effect on profitability.


Proven TCO Strategies and Solutions

We’ve made it our business to lower Gexpro customers’ TCO. The Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS) suite of productivity- and profitability-building initiatives changes the way you do business for the better. We help you streamline operations, reduce labor costs, minimize waste and maximize productivity. So your Total Cost of Ownership goes down and your profitability goes up.


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