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  • Gexpro expertise at work: Retail

    Energy efficiency and business productivity solutions for more profitable growth

    Retailers can make energy a performance advantage. Gexpro’s energy experts can help retailers reduce the nearly $20 billion they spend on energy each year. That savings can go directly to the bottom line or be reinvested to strengthen the business. How effective can Gexpro’s energy savings be? Here are some statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration:

     10% cost reduction for the average full-line discount retailer
        boosts net profit by as much as 1.55% and sales per square foot by $25

    • 10% cost reduction for the average limited service restaurant
        boosts net profit by as much as 4% and sales per square foot by $17

    • 10% cost reduction for the average supermarket
        boosts net profit by as much as 16% and sales per square foot by $44


    Gexpro’s holistic collaboration involves more than switching out lamps and turning down the lights. We work with you to improve the energy performance of your locations throughout a building’s lifecycle, including new construction/renovations, MRO/sustainability and retrofit/improvements.


    Proven End-to-End Solutions

    Gexpro doesn’t simply deliver products – we collaborate on game-changing solutions that maximize profitability, improve customer experiences and strengthen your market position. So our lighting upgrades reduce energy consumption and increase customer satisfaction. Our logistics and warehousing keep you stocked without tying up cash in inventory. Our energy experts can look at both sides of the equation – energy reduction and energy production – to power your profitability.


    New Construction/Renovation

    We’re on board for your new projects from the design and planning phases to optimize uniform product specifications and identify energy-saving, longer-life options. From quotation management and order management to materials management and onsite support, we help you cut product cost, labor cost and energy cost.



    We power materials with technology. Whether its online ordering and tracking or a custom database management system to automate reordering for your locations throughout the world, we’ve done it before. And we can do it better for you. So it’s easy to maintain the energy-efficient customer experience you create.



    Gexpro’s Energy Solutions team is dedicated to keeping you in step with the latest energy breakthroughs. From audits, design and specification to incentive/rebate maximization, end-to-end project management and installation oversight, Gexpro is part of your team for energy efficient lighting, motors and drives, energy management, commercial controls and solar solutions.





    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Lowers Real Costs

    The price you pay for a product is only about 20% of its true cost. The other 80% is a combination of procurement, tech/engineering support, audit, receiving, QC-inspection, warehousing, handling, and administration. These are real costs that don’t show up on an invoice but do impact your cost of doing business. Gexpro ‘s TCO culture helps you cut those costs.


    The Power of One: A Single Point of Contact for Your Worldwide Operations

    You can’t get the service and solutions you need unless everyone’s on the same page. Gexpro’s Global Solutions Center (GSC) ensures we all are. A dedicated GSC Retail team has a single view into your business, its specifications and the promises we’ve made to you. So you get a single point of contact for
                - Contract Implementation

                - Order Management
                - Access to Gexpro Branches


    We know and understand your requirements everywhere in the world. So you get uniform pricing, consistent service and people who know what you expect. We take that knowledge and orchestrate solutions with local Gexpro branches anywhere in the world.


    Warranty Repair Administration

    It’s not easy tracking and administering product warranties to capture the value that is rightfully yours. So Gexpro does it for you. If something breaks, we manage the replacement or repair from the manufacturer. So you don’t pay for new parts and repairs that someone else should.


    Dollarization: See Your Results / Maximize Opportunities

    Gexpro’s proprietary Dollarization software captures your TCO savings. With easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, you’ll see what you save with Gexpro’s Retail innovations.


    Gexpro will help you:

    • Make More Money

    • Lower Costs

    • Improve Customer Experiences

    • Take Control to Gain an Edge

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