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Fully stocked warehouses and material-tracking on wheels

How you inventory, manage and distribute products on a job site is vital to the productivity and success of your business. Therefore,we don’t just drop material and send you an invoice. We’ve invested in on-site turnkey mobile inventory solutions that improve your results.

The Right-Sized Solution for Every Job

Gexpro has a fleet of OASISmobile trailers from small to large that are ready to customize materials management for any size deployment. OASISmobile trailers allow you the ability to order product and have it delivered to a specified location in a secure “project warehouse.” Some OASISmobile solutions are even equipped with features like workbenches, power outlets and lighting. Our OASISmobileMAX solutions include 53-foot trailers equipped with meeting space, office capabilities and Internet access. If you need an onsite workshop, you’ve got it – and it’s filled with all the inventory you need and nothing you don’t.

Material Organization & Inventory Tracking

Your onsite inventory is organized, labeled, packaged and staged for your job before it leaves the Gexpro warehouse. Outfitting OASISmobile with inventory management software gives you unmatched onsite inventory control and understanding of your materials use. OASISinsight uses a hand-held scanner or a smart phone app, bar coding and proven technology to make you a smarter buyer. As items are taken out of inventory, they’re scanned with a barcode reader and tracked by OASISinsight. Transaction information is sent to Gexpro to replenish your inventory. With OASISinsight, you know what material you have, where it is, and how much is left giving you real-time inventory status.

Cost Saving Efficiency

Because OASISMobile trailers are fully stocked with your BOM, material handling time and costs are decreased, backorders are eliminated, and off-site material runs are reduced. OASISinsight lowers your procurement costs, cuts stock costs, overages and obsolescence and slashes cycle time. You gain process efficiencies, strengthen inventory control and increase inventory visibility.

Additional Information:

OASISInsight Sell Sheet GEX039 (pdf)

OASISMobile Onsite Sell Sheet GEX041 (pdf)

OASISMobile Trailers Sell Sheet GEX037 (pdf)

OASIS MobileMax Sell Sheet GEX047 (pdf)

OASIS Insight is powered by eTurns eTurns/4 is cloud-based inventory management software, co-branded by eTurns for Gexpro, that provides organizations with real-time visibility into remote storeroom inventories and automates replenishment.  The software also provides visibility into usage of items, is able to optimize the inventory, and improves efficiency to reduce total cost of ownership.

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