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  • Gexpro expertise at work: OEM

    Automation, supply chain and uptime breakthroughs

    Here’s the next big advance that can make your operations more profitable, smooth-running, sustainable and energy-efficient – and it’s easy. The advance is rethinking how you source and handle electrical components in facilities anywhere on the globe. Gexpro can help you redefine success and maximize value when you stop wasting, waiting and wondering what’s missing. We help OEMs just like you:

    • Improve Cash Flow

    • Increase Energy Sustainability

    • Reduce Labor Costs

    • Decrease Component Cost

    • Maximize Uptime


    We’re not going to reinvent your business. But we are going to replace outdated, inefficient processes with new ideas that meet your true business needs.


    Improve Cash Flow

    OASIS Insight, Gexpro’s proprietary Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system does everything you’d expect and more. You have real-time power to manage inventory, maximize turns and understand your material needs. OASIS Insight includes min/max planning, bar code scanning for inventory tracking and extensive reporting.


    A customized Just in Time (JIT) program matches inventory flow with your operations. Gexpro’s end-to-end management system makes adjustments for production-level variations and identifies areas for improvement. Our large, local inventories can handle unforeseen demand to keep you up and running.


    Excess and Obsolete Inventory Reduction

    If you don’t need it, don’t stock it. Gexpro analyzes your materials usage and shows you where to improve. We can reduce the number of SKUs, standardize parts and eliminate duplication to lower inventory costs.


    Increase Energy Sustainability

    We can help you do something about the sustainability issues that others just talk about. Gexpro’s proven sustainability programs deliver results through:

    • Energy Reduction – strategies and upgrades in lighting, motors/drives, automation and control

    • Energy Project Management – applying Gexpro’s full suite of productivity management tools to energy projects

    • Energy Production – solar and wind support, from specification to installation

    • Recycling – lamps, ballasts and battery recycling, plus strategies for waste reduction


    Gexpro’s Energy Solutions team is dedicated to delivering solutions that save. From audits, design and specification to simplified ordering and incentive-program management, Gexpro makes it easier to reduce your energy use. Working together, we can move you to more-energy-efficient lighting, lower-consumption motors and drives, smarter energy management, customized commercial controls and installed solar solutions.





    Reduce Labor Costs

    Understanding your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can help you lower real costs. The price you pay for a product is only about 20% of its true cost. The other 80% is a combination of procurement, tech/engineering support, audit, receiving, QC-inspection, warehousing, handling, kitting, parts preparation, and assembly. These are real costs that don’t show up on an invoice but do impact your cost of doing business. Gexpro helps you cut those costs with proven programs including:

    • Automated ordering and tracking to save time and reduce error

    • Wire and cable services that cut waste and mistakes

    ReadyMade prefab solutions that outsource labor to our lower-cost professionals

    QuickKit pre-packaged parts that speed assembly

    GOcart material carts that arrive at your location fully stocked with products that are unpackaged, properly staged and ready to install


    Decrease Component Cost

    Gexpro operates in 17 countries. Our sister companies in the Rexel network are local experts in 39 countries. That gives us local resources with access to products anywhere in the world. For cost, delivery or support, we have the contacts for whatever you need, wherever you need it.


    Maximize Uptime

    Ten percent of the electrical supplies worldwide going through Gexpro or our affiliate companies. Leveraging those resources enables you to plan, respond and keep your operations running. With over $200 million in Gexpro inventory and 250,000+ SKUs, we have the critical mass to power your performance.


    Are you leveraging the advantages of the latest automation developments? Gexpro has a dedicated automation team that can evaluate your technology. Then we can recommend and help you implement improvements that increase asset utilization, manage energy usage, streamline operations and reduce unplanned downtime.


    Know What You’re Saving

    Gexpro’s proprietary Dollarization software captures your TCO improvements. With easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, you’ll see what you save with Gexpro’s OEM improvements. The real-world analysis quantifies productivity gains and savings using attributes and cost calculators customized for your business. So you can prove your results and uncover opportunities for even greater savings.


    Making Things Better

    Every process is a challenge. Turn the challenge into opportunity and you become a more successful OEM. Gexpro is in the energy opportunity business – we can help you make things better.


    Gexpro will help you:

    • Build programs and capture savings

    • Embrace proven ways to make you more productive

    • Deliver tangible results you can measure across your business


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