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Let’s Make Net Zero the New Normal


Technology and new thinking can erase a building’s energy footprint

Net Zero is here. The benefits of designing and upgrading buildings with a net-zero drain on the power grid and clean, sustainable operations make good business sense.



Gexpro can help you plan your roadmap to Net-Zero operation. With energy reduction and production solutions, you’ll get immediate results today and be ready for a Net-Zero tomorrow. Extremely efficient energy technologies for lighting, HVAC, controls, daylight harvesting and more can cut your energy usage. Alternative energy sources like solar, wind, fuel cell, biomass and geothermal help provide all the energy you need.


Net Zero Is Happening

The Gexpro Energy Team is working with building owners, engineers, contractors, facilities managers and product manufacturers to create total-building solutions that balance usage and availability. So the net effect is:

• Zero energy building consumption

• Zero carbon emissions

• Potential for grid independence


Near Net Zero Strategy

Even if total Net Zero is unattainable in existing structures, Net Zero principles can lead you to outstanding savings and create groundwork for future adoption. You can still squeeze out every bit of efficiency and savings by adopting Net Zero strategies and technologies.


Net Zero can work for you. Tap into Gexpro’s expertise to help plan and execute a total Net-Zero solution and harvest the cost, efficiency, reliability and sustainability benefits of a building that gives more than it takes.

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