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  • Gexpro expertise at work: Metals

    Powering reliable metals operations with safe, efficient energy solutions

    Uncertain demand. Price pressures. New competitors around the world. Even with industry growth, metals processing is a tough business.


    Gexpro can help you be more competitive, improve margins and win more business – with solutions that lower your costs of energy and electrical materials management. Iron, steel, aluminum – virtually all metals businesses – comes down to quality, contracts and the ability to deliver for customers. Those are many of the differentiators that also make Gexpro the choice for energy and electrical solutions.


    We have a dedicated Metals Industry team that does nothing but help our metals customers increase their productivity, output, competitive position and profitability. Sounds like a tall order. But when you consider that electricity is the largest cost of metals production, it’s easy to see how the right improvements can help you land the contracts you need to prosper.


    Maximizing What Your Infrastructure Delivers

    Since the largest cost of metals output is electricity, the Gexpro Metals team focuses on helping you power more with less. We can work with your engineering and facilities staff to recommend and implement improvements like:

    • Lighting upgrades that cut costs and increase productivity

    • Energy retrofits for outdated motors and drives

    • Automation and control upgrades that boost productivity

    • Ideas and solutions that extend the life of installed assets and delay capital costs

    • Expertise and technical advice for switchgear

    • Strategies and plans for energy management and reduction





    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Lowers Real Costs

    The price you pay for a product is only about 20% of its true cost. The other 80% is a combination of procurement, tech/engineering support, audit, receiving, QC-inspection, warehousing, handling, kitting, parts preparation, and assembly. These are real costs that don’t show up on an invoice but do impact your cost of doing business. Gexpro helps you cut those costs.


    Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS) – Your Roadmap to Productivity

    We don’t just talk about productivity, TCO and profitability. We’ve created a proven suite of success tools we call Gexpro Performance Solutons, or GPS. The Gexpro metals team works with you to customize the combination of GPS tools that makes the most sense for your business. Then we put them to work, reducing labor costs, slashing waste and improving performance.


    Right-Country Sourcing

    Gexpro operates in 17 countries. Our sister companies in the Rexel network are local experts in 39 countries. That gives us feet on the street with access to products anywhere in the world. For cost, delivery or support, we have the contacts for whatever you need, wherever you need it.


    Data Cleansing

    Thanks to decades of parts purchasing, new product introductions and personnel changes, most companies’ information systems are filled with redundant, conflicting and unnecessary data. Gexpro’s data-cleansing team works with you, our manufacturers’ contacts and our proprietary data-cleansing tool to clean up your data. So you reduce mistakes and unnecessary carrying costs.


    A Single Point of Contact Your Metal Operations Anywhere on the Planet

    Service, solutions, answers and resources work better when they’re all focused on the same objectives. Gexpro’s Global Solutions Center (GSC) ensures we all are. A dedicated GSC Metals team has a single view into your business, its specifications and the promises we’ve made to you. So you get a single point of contact for
                - Contract Implementation

                - Order Management
                - Access to Gexpro Branches


    We know and understand your requirements everywhere in the world. So you get uniform pricing, consistent service and people who know what you expect. We take that knowledge and orchestrate solutions with local Gexpro branches anywhere in the world.


    It’s About Molding a More Successful Business

    You need profitable contracts and regular business to compete and prosper in the metals business. Gexpro’s energy reduction programs, productivity tools and focus on developing metals industry solutions can help build your business model of success.


    Gexpro will help you:

    • Improve Transaction Efficiency

    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    • Increase Productivity

    • Improve Cash Flow

    • Optimize Product Selection

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