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  • Gexpro expertise at work: Construction

    Proven efficiency tools can cut costs, save time and double electrical profitability

    Every electrical construction job can be more profitable – because there are savings and productivity advantages waiting to be harvested. Seeing the potential is simple:

    • 40% of a typical project’s costs is labor

    • Only 2% of the cost is contractor profit

    • Cut labor cost by 5% and you double your profit


    Gexpro is reinventing how you source, receive, install and handle products and components. We can help you cut your labor cost and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) throughout your projects. With proven productivity tools, new materials-management ideas and hands-on customer collaboration, we’re helping contractors be more competitive to win more jobs. And we’re making the jobs they win more profitable. We’re doing if for some of the most successful contractors in the country. We can do it for you.


    Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS) – Your Roadmap to Productivity

    We don’t just talk about productivity, TCO and profitability. We’ve created a proven suite of success tools we call Gexpro Performance Solutions, or GPS.  The Gexpro team works with you to customize the combination of GPS tools that makes the most sense for your business. Then we put them to work, reducing labor costs, slashing waste and improving performance.


    Transferring Non-Essential Labor

    You need to stop paying journeymen rates for low-skill labor tasks. Gexpro’s ReadyMade prefabrication services deliver assembled components, ready for installation. So your electricians spend their time performing skilled labor. We deliver the unskilled portion at a fraction of the cost.


    Onsite  Inventory and support

    OASIS Mobile puts materials and resources in the field – right where you need them. A fleet of Gexpro trailers is ready to roll to your remote sites anywhere in the U.S. We stock these secure trailers with inventory customized for the job at hand – so all the materials you need are in one location, standardized and validated. Larger trailers also create an onsite work area for field modifications and support.


    Technology Tools

    Information, understanding and vision keep projects on track, identify opportunities and prevent problems before they happen. Gexpro’s FastTrack is a real-time online collaboration tool that keeps you up to date on project status, deliveries, tracking, POs, authorization and more. If you can get online, you can see where you stand.


    Energy Solutions Team

    Energy reduction and production can generate huge opportunities – from new construction to retrofits and upgrades. Gexpro’s Energy Solutions team is dedicated to helping you deliver solutions that save for your customers and earn for you. From audits, design and specification to simplified ordering and incentive-program management, Gexpro is part of your team for energy efficient lighting, motors and drives, energy management, commercial controls and solar solutions.





    Nationwide Footprint

    We’re everywhere. So there are always local Gexpro feet on the street to help you with your projects. We’re familiar with the local landscape, requirements and nuances that can make or break your productivity.


    OASIS Insight: The Better Way to VMI & CMI

    Our real-time, automated, barcode-driven Inventory management system leverages the latest tracking, reporting and decision-support technology to turn inventory management into competitive advantage. From instant ordering and end-to-end reconciliation to iPhone access and automated kitting, we bring your inventory management to a new level of productivity and flexibility.


    Even Commodities Are Productivity Opportunities:

    Gexpro’s GOcarts are planning-through-installation solutions that help keep your workers productive and focused on the tasks at hand. These Gexpro Optimized material carts put the products you need where you need them. Grouped by task or location, GOcarts arrive at your location fully stocked with materials that are unpackaged, properly staged and ready to install. When a GOcart is empty, Gexpro takes it back to restock and return – ready for the next task.


    Simplifying Business Processes

    Stop wasting time on data entry, order processing and doing the same tasks over and over again. Gex-Connexx, our customized suite of ordering, tracking, reporting and collaboration tools saves time and reduces the chance for error with

    • Real-time price and availability    • Searchable catalog w/ images

    • Product quotations                                    • Material ordering

    • Order status                                                • Invoice lookup

    • Proof of delivery                            • Accounts payable information

    • Purchasing lists & catalogs            • Customer dashboards

    • Directory of Gexpro branches      • Manufacturer catalogs


    Leadership for Positive Change

    Gexpro can help you be more successful in any construction project. Our application experts can show you the right solutions for energy optimization, lighting, gear, motors, solar and more. Together we can  make you even more efficient and profitable.


    Gexpro will help you:

    • Be More Competitive and Win More Jobs

    • Be More Productive and Make More Money


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