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  • Gexpro expertise at work: Automotive

    Driving Automotive Energy Savings

  • Are you making the most of the recovery?


    The automotive industry is on the rebound. As production picks up, Gexpro can help you control energy costs, increase manufacturing productivity and improve working conditions that affect product quality. So the ways you use electricity and manage electrical materials can contribute to maximizing the profitability and productivity of your growth.


    Successful automotive companies aren’t operating the way they used to. And neither is Gexpro. Our automotive business model increases turns, reduces waste and can take an active role in the way you run your business. We’re not just supplying parts, we’re collaborating with automotive customers throughout their organizations to uncover new ways to reduce costs, save energy, improve quality and rethink how we build things – together.


    Better-Managed Inventory

    Gexpro’s proven VMI model keeps things moving by delivering everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our robust, dynamic and transparent Inventory Management software, OASIS Insight, shows you precisely where you stand, your history and your projections. If you prefer a Customer Managed Inventory model, OASIS Insight can do that too.


    Warranty Repair Administration

    It’s not easy tracking and administering product warranties to capture the value that is rightfully yours. So Gexpro does it for you. If something breaks, we manage the replacement or repair from the manufacturer. So you don’t pay for new parts and repairs that someone else should.


    Improve Plant Performance

    The Automotive team is just that: an AUTOMOTIVE team, with automotive expertise. We can work with your engineering and facilities staff to recommend and implement improvements like:

    • Lighting upgrades that cut costs and increase productivity

    • Energy retrofits for outdated motors and drives

    • Automation and control upgrades that boost productivity

    • Ideas and solutions that extend the life of installed assets and delay capital costs





    Excess and Obsolete Inventory Reduction

    If you don’t need it, don’t stock it. Gexpro analyzes your materials usage and shows you where to improve. We can reduce the number of SKUs, standardize parts and eliminate duplication to lower inventory costs.


    Data Cleansing

    Thanks to decades of parts purchasing, new product introductions and personnel changes, most automotive companies’ information systems are filled with redundant, conflicting and unnecessary data. Gexpro’s data-cleansing team works with you, our manufacturers contacts and our proprietary data-cleansing tool to clean up your data. So you reduce mistakes and eliminate unnecessary costs.


    The Power of One: A Single Point of Contact for Your Worldwide Operations

    You can’t get the service and solutions you need unless everyone’s on the same page. Gexpro’s Global Solutions Center (GSC) ensures we all are. A dedicated GSC Automotive Industry team has a single view into your business, its specifications and the promises we’ve made to you. So you get a single point of contact for
                - Contract Implementation

                - Order Management
                - Access to Gexpro Branches


    We know and understand your requirements everywhere in the world. So you get uniform pricing, consistent service and people who know what you expect. We take that knowledge and orchestrate solutions with local Gexpro branches anywhere in the world.


    Control Everything You Can

    You can’t control many of the variables that affect the success of your business, like the rising cost of steel or consumer confidence. So you should be sure to control the business drivers you can. Gexpro’s experienced experts put you in the driver’s seat for energy savings, productivity and profitability.


    Gexpro will help you:

    • Improve Transaction Efficiency

    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    • Increase Productivity

    • Improve Cash Flow

    • Optimize Product Selection


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