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About Gexpro/Heritage

The Power to Thrive

It’s the difference between being part of your business or simply selling parts to your business

Energy sure isn’t what it used to be. And neither is Gexpro.

We’re leading an electrical distribution revolution that’s redefining how you specify, locate, process, handle and install the materials that generate and distribute electricity. Together with our customers, we’re powering a new energy reality.



Dramatic advances in electrical generation, distribution and control are creating energy opportunities never seen before. Gexpro is taking the lead in developing, capturing and commercializing those advances.


Game-Changing Collaborations

Before we talk about the products you need, we want to talk about your business. How’s it going? What are your challenges? How can your approach to energy help you meet business objectives? Why? Because when we know what you’re trying to do we can usually find ways to help you do it better.


Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership with Gexpro Performance Solutions

The price you pay for materials is only a small part of their total cost. In fact, purchase price is only about 20% of your TCO. Gexpro Performance Solutions (GPS) help you lower your total cost of ownership by increasing productivity, better managing inventory and offsetting activities we can do for less. So you save and improve performance at the same time.


Energy Reduction and Production

Everyone should be using less energy to get more done. It should cost less to light a room today than it did two years ago. The Gexpro Energy team is focused on slashing energy use with more efficient solutions, smarter energy strategies and a holistic approach to energy management. Our Solar team can show you how today’s technologies can rival grid costs and give you a new source of revenue.


Channeling the Resources of the World’s Leading Distributor

As part of Rexel, one of the worlds largest electrical distributors, we have sister companies in 38 countries. We have the resources, experience and expertise to help you thrive because we’re more focused on helping your business win than winning your business.


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